Vibrato Part 2

Following on from last week, we are onto Vibrato Part 2. It’s such a personal subject it’s very hard to know how to narrow my suggestions down, and hence our strong encouragement for dialogue and shared ideas and thoughts on this subject.

This week is something of a continuation as we progress from easier to slightly harder vibrato exercises. Development of any skill that is difficult is never a linear process. I strongly advise you to embrace the ups and downs – in not doing so, you will only set yourself up for disappointment, which is a waste of your energy and emotion. Remember it’s the same for everyone – things will get better, then worse, then better again. You’re in good company!

This week, it’s a slightly shorter video, and we’ll be focusing on how to put some of last week’s exercises into practice with one of the most popular pieces of violin repertoire ever – Meditation by Massenet from Thais. Then we’ll be exploring exercises in the higher positions, how to use double stops to practise vibrato, & finishing with some examples of putting it all into practice.

We would love you to share your top tips, videos of exercises and your struggles or ideas on vibrato with us – don’t be shy! We’re all here to learn.

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