Back to Basics – Video One

Mastering the basics of learning any musical instrument is so important and something that shouldn’t be rushed. Developing comfort, flexibility and relaxation (you might find I use this word a lot, sorry!) is something I believe to be of the utmost importance to being able to play naturally and with expression.

I would encourage you to be patient with these basic concepts because grasping them is SOO not easy. It needs constant reminding and readdressing and there is a lot to understand and remember. For some weird reason, staying natural, relaxed, fluid, balanced and flexible is crazy difficult when you are trying to play an awkward instrument like the violin. But we have to try to do it!

Playing is so much more fun if we can master it! I would advise you all to do these exercises just a little bit at a time, but often. Make sure you are concentrated when you do them, and if you’re getting bored or tired, stop and pick it up again later.

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